Day 20

When I woke up this morning, I was excited because I was pretty sure that at 5:00 pm, I would have self-quarantined for fourteen days since my circuitous route from Las Vegas back to Iowa.

My groceries, which I bought the day I went into lockdown, are mostly gone, though I could have survived for a few more days. So, the plan was to spend all day in eager anticipation of the end of my time at home.

It would be hard, like waiting for Santa to come.

But I could make it.

I could also make coffee, which I did, because pandemic or not, somethings can’t change.

While during the coffee making stage, I stood at the window and looked out at the back yard. It’s about time to mow. There’s one patch, which the gentleman who did the lawn service last year must have missed before the first snow, because it’s quite a bit longer than the rest of the yard.

Today, nestled down in the tall grass, was a bunny!

I love bunnies.

In my entire life, never has seeing a bunny been so exciting. Aside from the squirrels, I’ve not seen any signs of life out of my windows in a fortnight. The resting rabbit, with its little twitchy nose, brought me such joy.

Then the second best thing to happen since this quarantine started, happened.

The bunny, spun around 180 degrees and sat back down.

It was glorious.

In the annals of sports, not since the 1980 Miracle on Ice, semi-final game against Russia, has a more interesting or compelling move taken place. It was the Super Bowl, March Madness, and World Cup (both men’s and women’s) all rolled up into one.

And before I could fully appreciate the splendor of what I had just witnessed, the bunny turned back around again.

They rare 360 rotation.

Or is that the hare 360 rotation?

I’d have to consult sports columnist Bryce Miller on that one.

All I know is that the excitement I felt over seeing life going about its business, was remarkable. And so after 14-days of staying home to make sure I hadn’t caught the virus in my travels, I’m pleased to report I have not…

…because, you see, when I looked back at the calendar I realized that my exile from leaving my domicile actually ended yesterday at 5:00 pm.

I’m 17 hours into the clear.

I can make a run to the grocery or…

…well, that’s about it.

But the freedom to do this tiny little thing, restock my dwindling wine supply, and just see something other than the inside of my house, is about the greatest thing ever (not counting the Miracle on Ice, Super Bowl, March Madness, Word Cups, or rotating bunnies).

I’ve made it through.

Did it rise to the level of pain and suffering of the Bataan Death March?


Was it still fairly devastating mentally?

Also no.

Did I learn that just because one gets up at the crack of noon, that this isn’t any excuse for not taking one’s 12:30 pm nap?

Yes, I did.

Mostly, I worked some, cleaned some, and talked with friends via Facebook calls. In retrospect, looking back at my time, I learned one thing…

…my friends are wonderful.

When I was down, they reached out to me.

It kept me from feeling too sorry for myself. They helped me through what was, admittedly, not such a terrible thing to do. There are many who have truly suffered. They’ve battled REAL depression, had to cope with the loss of loved ones, or, just had to spend time with their children.

Argentina should cry for them.

So, now, what’s next for me, after I post this?

Am I going to hop in my car and race through the hills of Jones county toward the Hy-vee?

Meh, probably not for a bit.

Showering and putting on pants can be such a bother.

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