Day 18

Day 18 (I think I have four days left on the self-imposed quarantine)

It’s 2:20 am…

…and I just woke from a dream.

The dream didn’t have as much flair as the one from a few days ago, but it was still interesting.

I had a new truck and my friend was helping me deliver a bunch of pre-paid cell phones and corporate binders. She mocked many of the delivery decisions I made.

It was pretty funny.

She’s clever.

But what’s unique is that my dream had a laugh track.

Each time she pointed out how I was screwing things up with a witty barb, the track went off.

I was dreaming in screenplay.

Not coincidentally, the last thing I did before bed was to upgrade from Final Draft 9 to 11 and watch the first episode of the Unstoppable Kimmy Schmidt. That might have had some thing to do with it.

Another odd, but amusing, part of my dream, I wasn’t the star. It was my friend. I was on HER show and that explains why she got the best laugh lines.

Regardless, I thought our show was funnier than UKS.

When I woke up, thirsty, and went to the kitchen to get a drink of water…

…out the back window I saw it.

Two inches of snow!

Damn it, Iowa.

The snow was one thing I never missed living on the Las Vegas strip.

It felt like the weather here is mocking me…

…which I will admit is pretty funny, if true.

The day I just had wasn’t so bad. Three people reached out to me and I worked in rather long chats with two of them, and the third and I will find time in the next few days.

Thanks, Sarah NoffkeRod Sullivan, and Brian Guest.

I also got more work done.

So, I’m going back to bed and I hope that tomorrow brings sunshine and snow melt and a bit of writing.

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