Day 17

Day 17 maybe…

…I’ve lost the ability to count.

It’s been a few days since my last update. I’m struggling a little with the isolation.

What I realized is that though The Strip was shut down, I could still watch the traffic up and down Las Vegas Boulevard South, which I did a few times a day.

Martelle, Iowa, population 252, at the last house on a dead end street, there isn’t anything.

No signs of life at all.

I’m lonely.

But that isn’t the bad part.

What I realized I missed the most about having a fully functioning society is going out for Chinese food.

Mark Wahlberg and Will Farrell are eating it now in the movie The Other Guys. I almost wept.

No Wonton Soup for me.

When this thing is over, I’m going to an all you can eat buffet and putting an unhealthy and possibly life threatening level of dumplings, egg rolls, and lo mien down my gullet. It will be so over the top that I’ll not only be filled with delicious food, but I’ll have a giant helping of regret.

A regret at the gluttony so profound as to approach perfect bliss.

I also remembered I need to do one of those change of address things at the post office to get my mail sent to my new P.O. box. This stresses me out a little, because I’ll need to wait five more days (my best guess since I’ve lost the ability to count) before I can leave the house and go get a card.

Maybe it can be done online?

I should look.

On the positive side of things, though, I did some work today and was on a podcast.

Maybe tomorrow will be better.

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