Day 12

Was cussing really necessary?

All I wanted was a Keto Pizza. When I’d grocery shopped, I’d gotten all the ingredients to allow for 3 pizzas over my 14-days.

But I hadn’t remembered the parchment paper…

…until I had left the store.

The moment I realized my blunder, I was just approaching the Walmart, so I jerked the wheel to the right and went in to buy parchment paper and a yoga mat, as one does.

Well, today the pizza craving started.

I pulled out the eggs, mozzarella, sausage, tomato paste and then stopped dead in my tracks. Where had I put the parchment paper?

A cursory check through some of the cupboards found nothing. It must be in my car.

At this point, I couldn’t remember the second item I’d purchased from Walmart, and after the car turned out to be a dead end, I was sure my pizza days were done.

“Damn it,” I might have said, if I hadn’t used a more aggressive swear word that rhymes with duck.

Where is it?!

Then I thought back to Walmart and remembered that the lady who helped me find the parchment paper, told me to next go to sporting goods.

It took a minute and then I remembered.

Yoga mat!

It had to be with the mat…

…but it wasn’t.

So, I did the unthinkable, I looked in the cupboard that I had assumed I’d never put it in, and found it.

Now, I’m going to eat my pizza.

Crisis averted.

How goes YOUR apocalypse, today?

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