Day 11

Did I have wine with breakfast?


I’m not much of a drinker, but when I was stocking up on supplies and saw the four packs of tiny bottles of wine, my inner survivalist said, “Chardonnay pairs well with apocalypse.”

Am I getting lots of work done?

Also yes!

I’ve done one description and am starting on a second. The house cleaning continues in small spurts.

My brain has been getting exercise with copious amounts of blitz chess.

All-in-all, I’d say I’m doing well.

The wind howls in my little corner of the world. The sunny skies have been replaced with a pale grey, for the third time today.

27 minutes ago it was bright and shinny out.

The squirrel who lives in my backyard and has for some time (I’m assuming it’s the same one), still won’t come up on the deck and be my friend. I really want it to like me.

I’ve tried snacks.

It’s a VERY independent squirrel who has far too much squirrel business to take care of and can’t be bothered with a chat. I understand.

The rest of the day will consist of writing one more description, taking a nap, and continuing with the clean.

Also, I fully embraced Keto again yesterday, and kept my carb count below 20.

I’ll do it again today.

Steak for dinner!


Be safe my friends.

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