Day 10

Day 10 (Day 1 of the Quarantine)

I’m a little over fourteen hours into the isolation.

It’s cold in my house. Not because it has to be, since I could turn off the air, but because I like wearing a blankie over my head. I’m listening to The Manhattans.

One description written.

It’s the first time in a week and a half I’ve done any work, and it feels good to get back into the groove.

This is a new start.

Did I need one?

It’s hard to say. I was happy in Las Vegas. Most places do that. It’s more about the journey than anything. It’s hard to know how everybody else thinks, but me, I’m one who looks forward to the next adventure.

That’s what a new start brings you.

There’s an energy one gets with the possibilities. You see, I have a secret life goal (mostly) and it is close enough that I can almost taste it.

No, it isn’t a woman.

The details aren’t important, but now that isolation is upon me, I’m going to use the time to work, move forward, and possibly lose a little weight. I’ve started Keto, again.

With expenses cut drastically (Las Vegas isn’t cheap), it’s time to put away the extra doubloons, and hopefully, within a month or so, when the “stay at home” orders are lifted, I can pull the trigger on the secret goal.

Pete Townsend is on, now.

In a world of Covid-19, most folks are struggling. Many of you are going through tough times.

Unbridled optimism may not be appropriate.

I can’t help it.

It is who am.

I’m going to crush it. The plan is coming together. I just finished my second description, because I can’t even write a FB post without a stop to do something else.


Do you still have dreams?

Are you following them?

If either of your answers are “no,” maybe it’s time to ask the hard question…


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