Day 7

The first day in Martelle, Iowa.

I learned a little about myself and that is I’ve changed since moving to Las Vegas. Now, I prefer tidy to chaos. Apparently, I used to prefer saving every freaking box under the sun, even though I would never use it again.

Now, I want them gone.

The house I used to adore, well, it sort of annoys me. So, on Tuesday, when is when I’ll be isolating myself for fourteen days, I’m going to start a major cleaning.

The day leading up to arriving, though, wasn’t much to write about, so I guess that’s why I didn’t get around to this post until now.

From the moment I woke up in Omaha to make the last leg of my journey, everything along I-80 was familiar.

It just wasn’t exciting.

But, the one thing that I did like, was the sleep I managed to get.

That’s all for Day 7.

If you thought this was a boring post…

…hold on to your hat. You won’t believe how exceptionally average day 8 was, too.

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