Day 6

The first thing I love…

…about the Pandemic is the Grab and Go bag at Holiday Inn Express.

Day 6 started with a banana muffin and a bagel.

Then the drive began, and I headed out of Los Alamos to the north toward Taos. The Johns Hopkins Covid-19 tracker map would be my guide. The route I planned for the day would take me through parts of New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, and Nebraska, that I might not ever have had reason to see.

I wove my way across 750 miles by days end.

This country is beautiful.

At 2:20 am, central time (I passed through a time zone), I pulled into a Holiday Inn Express on the outskirts of Omaha, NE, and got a room. It had been a lovely day, but I was exhausted.

I’m still pretty tired as I write this.

It was 3:00 am before I crawled into bed, having needed a little time to unwind once I got to my room. I woke before my 9:00 alarm by a few minutes and decided it was time to get some complimentary breakfast before going. I’m roughly five to six hours from Martelle.

It’s time to make the last push.

I’ll get there in the late afternoon, unpack my car, set up my computer, and head to the grocery to stock up.

On Monday, I’ll go rent a truck to head to my parents. They’re moving to a retirement facility on the 15th, which was my original reason I had planned on going back to Iowa to visit. I wanted to help them.

Now, we’ve decided it’s best that I just haul back to my place the things that had been stored in their house, and then go on lockdown for 14-days.

The retirement facility also has guidelines about folks from out of state helping, and I don’t qualify.

This journey home has been wonderful.

My friend, Nikko Marie, has built me a new site for these daily posts. In a few days, I’ll go through the posts, which she has put up, and add in additional pictures from my trip.

Then I’ll let you all now where to find it, if you want to see the Bonus Picture Content.

For now, though, this post is shorter than most.

I’m tired.

I need to get in the car and go.

Until tomorrow, thanks for reading and leaving comments. Each one makes me happy.

Thanks everyone.

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